Guys – Forget about the bodybuilder look

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[Aim for a David Beckham type body, not the bodybuilder look]

One thing the fitness magazines and supplement ads do well is creating an illusion. They want you to believe that if you take their supplements, or follow their workouts, that you will get as big as the huge guys in the ads.

The problem here is that the guys in the ads got their look through steroids. I’m sure there will be the odd guy who didn’t use any drugs, but I guarantee you that most of them will be using all sorts of illegal substances.

The look these “models” have is completely due to what they inject, and nothing to do with what brand of protein powder they use.

This really shouldn’t be much of an issue nowadays. I’d like to think that in 2013 most guys think the same as most girls – that the bodybuilder look is neither fashionable nor attractive.

If you are a guy and searching for a good look to aim for then look at guys like David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, Calvin Klein models etc.

Those are guys who drive women wild, yet they are far from the bodybuilder look.

They are lean with some muscle. That’s really the key – getting your body fat quite low (but not crazy low), whilst building a bit more muscle than normal, so you stand out from most other guys.

Ryan Gosling
[Girls prefer this to the bodybuilder look]

Achieving this look isn’t even that hard, depending on where you start off from. If you are obese, then you will have to make some major lifestyle changes and be prepared to take the time needed for results.

But if you are already fairly lean then getting down to 10% body fat (enough to give definition to your abs without a full-on 6-pack) isn’t that hard.

Meanwhile if you stick to a good strength training workout program you can get your muscles to above-average without too much effort.

Taking your muscles from above-average to freaky big is gonna take a hell of a lot more effort, but why bother? You won’t be able to wear fashionable slim-cut clothes any more.

For example, huge thighs means baggy jeans or sweatpants, neither of which any self-respecting guy should be wearing out in public. You’ll just look like a muscle-head wearing your gym clothes in public. I suppose you could wear shorts to show off your big calves. Rather you than me though.

Get lean, get strong, be attractive!

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