Bodyweight Surge PDF by Jason Klein


Bodyweight Surge is a program written by strength coach Jason Klein for men and women over 30 who want to lose up to 14 lbs of fat in only 14 days.

The amazing part of this system is that it isn’t a diet – you can lose all that weight without dieting!

People make simple mistakes when working out, like:

  • Isolation exercises
  • Jumping exercises
  • Muscle confusion exercises

There’s simply a better way to train if your goal is to lose weight!

Forget about blaming your age, genetics or body type – Bodyweight Surge will allow anyone to shed those pounds.

What I love most about this program is that you need zero equipment and can complete the workouts in 15 minutes or less.

By keeping workouts short they will leave you strong, energised and ready for the day – not feeling wiped out and ready for a lie down.

As well as the fat loss your heart will also be strengthened, whilst your joints will be de-loaded and stimulated.

Bodyweight Surge comes as a PDF which you can read on your computer, phone or tablet. You also get video demonstrations of all the exercises. You also find out how to modify the system to suit any fitness level – so it will grow along side you.

Ready to lose weight and gain health?

Download Now: Bodyweight Surge PDF by  Jason Klein

Unlock Your Hip Flexors – PDF


What if I told you that there is a hidden muscle in your body which could be the source of your joint and back pain, anxiety and even causing you to look fat?

What if fixing this muscle could also boost your energy, strength and athletic performance in as little as 15 minutes?

This is exactly what Critical Bench’s new program promises.

This system targets tight hip flexors – which almost everyone suffers from.

When you realise that everything goes through your hips you’ll realise just how important your hip flexors are in everything from performance in the gym to plain old everyday life.

It even affects how you look – ever wondered why your belly looks like it sticks out, even though you target your stomach in the gym? It’s probably due to your tight hip flexors!

You might think that it’s just a case of stretching out your hip flexors, but that’s only a small part.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors (PDF & videos) show you how to deal with this tricky part of your body using the following:

  • PNF Stretching
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • 3D Core Stability Exercises
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Fascia Stretching
  • Muscle Activation Movements

If you are ready to lose your back pain, get your stomach looking flatter, increase your energy, boost your strength and even increase libido then check out the PDF and videos using the link below:

Download: Unlock Your Hip Flexors (PDF)

Muscle Matrix Solution by Ryan Hughes – Videos & PDFs

Muscle Matrix Solution by Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes is a fitness model who looks like he was born with great genetics, but that couldn’t be further from the truth…

The truth is he grew up a skinny guy who then discovered a hack which let him grow huge amounts of muscle – and a physique all the fitness magazines want on their cover.

So what’s Ryan’s secret?

Well it’s simply finding out how you can ramp your natural testosterone levels way up, allowing you to build muscle and burn fat quickly.

Here’s how NOT to increase testosterone:

  • Spending way too long working out in the gym – you shouldn’t be  spending longer than 30 minutes in there.
  • Working out at the wrong time – there’s a 5 hour anabolic window you should be working out within.
  • Eating the wrong foods – especially proteins. Swapping out some protein with either a different kind, or even with carbs and fat could be all you’re missing from getting jacked!

Inside Muscle Matrix Solution by Ryan Hughes you’ll discover what you have to eat & drink before working out, when you need to really push the workout, through to simple, easy to follow eating patterns. Combine them all and your waist will start shrinking whilst your arms start growing.

Included in Muscle Matrix Solution are videos and books (in the form of PDFs) so you can easily absorb all of this amazing information.

This is only a quick summary (I haven’t even mentioned MMS Supplementation Protocols, HPF workout strategy or the 5-8-20 method)… I’ll leave all the to Ryan…

Download Now: Muscle Matrix Solution by Ryan Hughes

The Half Day Diet by Nate Miyaki (PDF)

The Half Day Diet PDF by Nate Miyaki

Normal low carb diet plans result in the following problems:

  • Lowering testosterone in men
  • Lowering the fat burning thyroid hormone in women
  • Drops your immune system down, leaving you prone to sickness
  • Increases brain fog
  • Screws with your quality of sleep
  • Drops your sex drive
  • Lowers energy levels
  • Plays havoc with your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight

The Half Day Diet is a different approach to dieting and losing weight.

This diet works so well because it tricks your body into thinking it’s on a low carb diet, when it’s really not.

Instead of avoiding carbs all together this diet protocol revolves around the idea of concentrating your carbs to later at night. This means you can still enjoy tasty carby foods – just eaten at the right time.

There’s a lot more to the system than just eating carbs later though.

To get the full details just check out the downloadable PDF using the link below:

Download: The Half Day Diet by Nate Miyaki (PDF)

Fighter Abs 2.0 (PDF & MP4) by Andrew Raposo

Fighter Abs 2.0

Are you doing typical ab exercises which are a waste of time?

  • Crunches
  • Traditional planks
  • High rep ab exercises
  • Traditional cardio

You don’t just make abs in the kitchen either – they do need to be trained, but in the right way.

Once you realise the Fighter Abs secrets the fat will begin to just melt off your midsection, revealing tough, strong ab muscles.

These secrets come from a North American Muay Thai Champion, so you know these will form functionally strong abs, as well as being great looking.

This is a 3 phase formula which can be used by anyone at any age.

My favourite part to this routine is that each workout takes only 15 minutes to perform – which you can do even in your own living room.

To read all about this program and it’s 3 phases (Foundation Phase, Ab Revealing Phase & the Final Perfection Phase) just check out the full program in the link below.

This fitness routine comes as PDF (ebook) & MP4 (video) formats, so you can download and use right away:

Download: Fighter Abs 2.0 (PDF & MP4)

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